Prof Morten Kringelbach

Co-Director Prof Morten Kringelbach DPhil (Oxon) is an internationally recognized, prize-winning neuroscientist, and also the Director of Hedonia: Trygfonden Research Group, a unique transnational research collaboration between Oxford and Aarhus universities.

Professor Kringelbach’s work on anhedonia (the inability to experience pleasure – which is at the heart of much mental illness) has made him a leading expert on the prefrontal cortex and its links to the emotional system.  His ground-breaking work joins the functionality of neuroscience, with the observational experiential knowledge of psychology and psychiatry.

Professor Kringelbach is a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science, on the editorial board of the Journal of Social Neuroscience and a member of the advisory board of Scientific American. He has published eleven books, and written over 170 scientific papers, chapters and other articles.

In June of 2010, he gave two lectures at the Nobel Symposium’s celebration of 200 years of the Karolinska Institute, Sweden, home of the Nobel Medicine Prize Committee