Previous seminar: 15th May 2012 – Sir Max Hastings

We began our fortnightly seminars with war correspondent and military historian Sir Max Hastings, talking about the realities of the Second World War – modern warfare in all its savage, industrial horror.

Sir Max’s latest book, “All Hell Let Loose”, provides a very wide-ranging view of this first truly global war. Understandably, he gives emphasis to the Russian Front, where the people’s armies of Russia fought off the professionals of the Wehrmacht with unparalleled ferocity.  It is indeed thankful for the rest of the world, that the Nazi’s often ludicrous amateurism greatly hindered Hitler’s ruthless and impressively capable generals – allowing the bravery of the Russians to triumph.  But at such a cost….

Sir Max has spent almost forty years researching the Second World War, to which he adds his own impressive personal experience as a war correspondent.  He was for example despite being a journalist, one of the first members of the Task Force to walk into Stanley at the end of the Falklands War – thirty years ago.   He is also probably the only journalist to have used Special Force’s secure communications to file his copy.

5pm start.

Signed copies of “All Hell Let Loose” was available to buy after the talk.